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Winix-5300-vs-5500, it’s actually hard to find differences between the winix 5300 and 5500 since they are almost similar in every way, such as their fan speed, area rating, power, and others. however, here are some of the notable differences:. Comparison of winix 5300-2 vs winix 5500-2 air purifiers. compare the main features, specifications, prices and select the best model., which is the best air purifier: winix 5300-2 vs 5500-2? we wanted to test both the winix 5300-2 vs 5500-2 to get the best air quality. we know, sorting through different air purifiers can be a tough task..

Alternatives to 5300-2 & 5500-2. besides winix’s best-performing models, here are a few alternatives to the 5300-2 and 5500-2 that can also be given a chance when either of the two models run out of stock., in this quick comparison guide, we’re looking at two notable air purifiers; they are the winix 5300-2, and the winix 5500-2. you may have never heard of winix, and that is understandable because they aren’t one of the most popular air humidifier brands. however, when it comes to delivering excellent products that are affordable, durable, […]. Winix 5500 2 air purifier with true hepa, plasmawave and odor reducing washable aoc carbon filter - duration: 1:03. best air purifier 1,730 views, gas filter. like most other air purifiers on the market, the winix 5300-2 comes equipped with a carbon filter for gas filtration. the carbon bonds to unwanted gases like odors and vocs to remove them from the air that travels through the filter..

What's the difference between the winix 5500-2 vs 5300-2? the winix 5500-2 has a washable aoc carbon filter and a remote control. both the winix 5500-2 and 5300-2 are for up to 360 sq. ft., true hepa, 4 fan speeds, and 3 stage 3-stage cleaning system. winix 5500-2, t he affordable and quick-cleaning winix – 5300-2 was the top performer in our review of the best air purifiers.but for about $25 more, you can upgrade to the winix – 5500-2, which adds a few special features that you should consider carefully: a heavier odor-absorbing pre-filter and a remote..

Are you debating whether to get either the winix plasmawave 5500 or 6300 air purifier unit, however can’t quite decide? if so, the following brief & objective comparison article -- wac5500 vs wac6300 -- will be able to help you out through a feature by feature contrasting analysis that...